Preservative Measures

There are always more than two sides in a mirrors reflective performance.  The reflected image itself, in its personified perfection, and the residual effects of light, shadow, and form that are cast off indiscriminately, at times revealing the unexpected. Our work in Saewoon market set out to do just that; capturing an unexpected time in a neighborhood becoming extinct; our method of making record and highlighting what we are unlikely to see at first glance. Boris and I experiment with reflective film. It is light weight and flexible, allowing for variable position and arrangement quickly. Our actions to line the streets with the reflective material are spontaneous and fast, as late afternoon sun transforms the narrow alley passages. Light is bent, refracted, saturated in diffuse color. Diluted in canopy time and adapted for today - the aging industrial base of Saewoon market (and other industrial districts around Seoul), nearly forgotten in tucked away urban positions behind the new front of progressive activity. For the cities residents today, it has become easy to forget the past in Seoul. 
We situate our delicately reflective sheets, collecting/ reflecting color and expanding confined urban space. Moments are captured with the snap of each digital image, a memory in place forever preserved.

All installation photos: Boris Oicherman \ Eric Reeder