Preservative Measures_ Becoming Extinct

Reflected streets_ Public or Private?
The Saewoon neighborhood is paranoid and with reason. Suspicions around each corner as we make our way to the depths of concealed inner blocks. We encounter stares and questions about our intentions. Silence pervades outside of the occasional clap or shuffle heard overhead in sounds carried on a breezy afternoon. Venturing down dead end alleyways we are stopped by raised voices from behind, questioning our destination and motive. We remain impartial given our simple objectives of spatial discovery and where to reflect upon next.  On any given Sunday store fronts are shuttered and locked, outside of a few active businesses choosing to remain open. It is a predominant day of rest for the majority in this working class neighborhood. 
Time is latent in Saewoon, embedded amongst the ongoing adaptive transformations of the neighborhood. Display colored lights are suspended in frozen position on steel screen mesh. Coated with decades of airborne dust particles- a revealing accumulation of stasis and odd preservation. The neighborhood has become a dead end. 

Dead-end Seoul

"unfolded" corner