R e CYCLER II_ public facility/ grid work

ReCYCLER II explores form generation based on basic principles of material re-use to be deployed with variations of basic grid systems and structures. Although the initial form of grid will be quite simple, the task will be to build complexity though site and place awareness and the combination of scaled variables utilizing cardboard material. As the first ReCYCLER studio began, we consider recyclable or readily salvageable materials to be viable in contemporary design. 

Public library on the Konkuk University campus 

R e CYCLER II_ grid experiments

Optimal dimensions of grid are studied to determine structural integrity based upon dimensions of material arrangements. Cardboard (outside of the ubiquitous cardboard box) is by many accounts an unlikely material for structural support, specifically that for public furniture.

R e CYCLER II_ public form

Dimensional and formal arrangement considers public interaction- both in terms of the collective and the individual- became imbedded as part of the final design. Geometry, in essence, defines together and apart possibilities.