Seoul: paired adaptations

Seoul is a city of doubles; side by side stands 'yesterday' and 'today' caught in struggle and stark contrast. Indifferent, yet 'today' is prevailing to the point of yesterdays extinction. What is now becoming of Seoul, similar to many other globalized cites, is of pervasive homogenization. How has 'today' adapted to 'yesterday'? How is the newly made city connected to where the city came from?  Perhaps it is possible to discover some answers to these questions by way of Mullae-dong's transformation at the hands of its local residents, both of industrial and arts background. 

's e o u l adaptations' is a growing body of work and research directed towards the cultivation of sustaining (and in a way preserving) the aging forms of the city. There is a growing need to consider what history has left, in recognizing there are benefits to maintaining the scales, lifestyles, fabrics of Seoul, that once erased, will be lost forever. This work questions preservation outright, as an exclusive practice, and will continue to seek alternative methods to sustaining the city as a place of collective, diverse and palimpsestial history.