Mullae-dong_ 0.6 urban archeology- rediscovering Mullae

Local artist initiatives beginning in 2007 by removing waste and debris that had collected for the better part of the previous decade on Mullae rooftops. In a sense the work became a reclamation of urban space, in step with the labors and resources at the hands of the artists. Forgotten and neglected by indifferent owners the willingness to clean up roof tops and thus stake claim to a new form of community space. 

Today rooftops function as event, exhibit, leisure, work spaces amongst other activities and provide an open public necessity otherwise hard to find in Mullae. The rooftops in effect have taken the place of streets as places of mediation and discourse. Connections to the surrounding high rise apartments and neighboring buildings is now visibly tolerable and an emerging arts scene, exposed to the sky, is an urban gallery for the neighborhood at large. 

The city itself and Mullae-dong specifically is a public gallery, open and accessible to all.

Image courtesy project space LAB39: 
'The City is Ours' 2007 rooftop project initiative