Mullae-dong_ 0.2 composition public

Mullae from adjacent commercial building

Bound by a working man's edge, the definition between new and old, public and private is sharply defined. Mullae-dong is a fortified boundary of tinged air, rust stained streets, and unlikely stacked programs. Public space has been displaced to fringe times and locations; roof tops, voided gaps between buildings, and weekend only streets.

Grey hatch denotes appurtenant steel frame structures attached to primary concrete buildings. These secondary structures provide necessary spatial extensions for steel shop operation and as well, contribute to the structural integrity of the aging industrial buildings. 


Northern edge of the industrial artist village adjacent to new residential towers. A divergent contrast in lifestyle. Public access remains confined to limited street locations. 

Void diagram: public fill-ins

Rooftop diagram: elevated public

Diagrams appear courtesy of students Felix Hartz and Frank Herzog.

Displaced 'public' to roof tops and voided gaps between buildings have become common spaces for artist activity; event, display/ exhibit and gathering. 

Weekend and evening time 'afterhours' allow Mullae streets to become stage space for public performance and improvisational event to the needs of local artists.